Sustainability and Environment

At Waterless Limited we care about the environment and are constantly taking steps to streamlines processes and reduce waste. Let’s start with the basics –

We offer employees free tea and coffee and water, you never need bring a disposable cup to work!

We have several bins for different items of recyclable materials, which are then commercially recycled

We ask communication is digital, but occasionally we have to print. If we have a piece of paper where it can be reused complying with GDPR we will place it in the scrap paper tray.

Waste from manufacture, is reused where possible. Instead of purchasing fancy packaging fillers to protect bottles, we reuse our waste from label reels and cardboard, so that we are reducing waste and ensuring the safe delivery of our lines.

We have switched from plastic tape to paper tape on manufactured boxes.

Out with the old and in with the new, where possible we have switched to more sustainable packaging. For example our Filthy Festival Wash kits we made from thick cardboard, with a label wrapped around the edge, we now have a thinner printed carton, which has vastly reduced materials.

We source our bottles ensuring they are recyclable and where possible made from recycled plastic. As a liquid it is a hard task!

For more information about each specific brands sustainability please visit their site: 

Sanitiser and Cleaning Chemicals 

Personal Bathing and Care – Nursing

Personal Care – Outdoors