Zerreau Towel Off Shampoo Foam

Zerreau beauty is the next generation of dry shampoo allowing you to wash your beautiful locks without water and even remove some product!

Zerreau is known as a hybrid between normal and dry shampoo as it is a specialist “Towel Off Foam” that cleans hair without WATER! Zerreau is set to be THE ULTIMATE FESTIVAL SHAMPOO!! Perfect for Glamping and comes in an array of delicious fragrances including Coconut, Strawberry and Apple.

To use apply the foam directly to roots, massage to lift dirt and grease then whilst wet and soapy remove by towel drying. Then style as normal! Zerreau festival shampoo even removes products such as hairspray and chalk!

Zerreau has been tested on all hair types including Afro hair, so say goodbye to dry and try the next generation “Towel Off” Shampoo Foam.