Body Wash


Pits & Bits Rinse Free Body Wash is the perfect way to wash away from home, whether your on exercise, wild camping or are just be sporty!

To use simply apply the body wash directly to the skin, massage to lift dirt then remove by thoroughly towel drying!

Its so easy to use! No parabens or alcohol makes this kind and gentle to the skin, goes perfectly with the Pits & Bits Expandable Wipes for a thick soapy cloth! No more smells after a hard day.

Or choose Pits and Bits Rinse Free Antibacterial Body Wash that is also fragrance free, allowing you to get rid of mud as well as sanitising the skin! Especially handy when your travelling! Guaranteed to get the muck off!

Pits & Bits is so effective it removes…. Mud, grit, sweat, odours, urine and even blood!