Hair Care


Nilaqua NoRinse, Waterless, Dry Shampoo Liquids

At Waterless we often get asked if the Towel Off® range of products are dry shampoos,  which they aren’t, but they do have all the speed and convenience of a DRY SHAMPOO – yet they are liquids and have all the cleaning power of a wet shampoo!

Nilaqua is very clever and formulated using towel off® technology! It wets your hair, but doesn’t need any water or rinsing to clean you. Dirty lather is removed from your hair with a towel! It is so efficient and easy to use.
They leave NO sticky residues and you won’t believe how well they work.

To use…
Apply the liquid directly and generously to the area, massage to lift dirt and grease, then remove by thoroughly towel drying . Grease and dirt are lifted into the lather and removed with the towel (so the towelling is important).



Nilaqua is stocked in most nursing, medical and pharmacy suppliers. So please enquire with your regular consumables company.
However if you are a nurse looking to purchase Nilaqua, please visit supply chain using codes:

MRA223 – 65ml Shampoo (great for infection control)

MRA193 – 200ml 4-6 washes average

MRA194 – 500ml Long term use

Home Transition Kit to release bed blocking –  MRB1206