Body Care


Ready to use, no water required – great for washing in low water situations and locations! Such as holidays, visiting hospital or if you are bed bound and find it difficult to bath!

A gentle cleanser providing essential daily care with dignity. Delicate soap fragrance; the towel off® skin cleansing foam effectively cleans skin, leaving you fresh and odour free without using any water. Multi use and can also be used with warm water for heavy soiling effectively cleaning the dirt, grease, odours and soiling after incontinence episodes.

Paraben free and pH balanced to be mild and non-irritating to the skin. Dispensed via foam (Non-Drip technology) these luxury cleansers are much more user friendly and manageable for patient care. Nilaqua leaves skin fresh, soft and odour free. Unlike pressurized containers requiring emollients.

The foaming application is used daily in the NHS as well as charities and carehome grousp. Nilaqua® lasts considerably longer than soaps and gels and thus enhances value for money.

Just apply to body, massage and towel dry to remove.



Secondly Nilaqua® offers an antimicrobial skin cleaners to aid prevention of secondary infections. Ideal when experiencing low immunity i.e. post operations, chemotherapy and more.  Still no water or rinsing required and kind to skin! As our antimicrobial skin cleanser removes any dirt, grease, blood and more as well as killing germs. It is also ideal for HSE where you may be handle pests or gardening and need to wash up on the go! Did you know dog poop  contains salmonella which Nilaqua kills!

PROVEN to kill: MRSA, Ecoli, Salmonella and C-Diff

So if you are looking for the best alternative to traditional bathing, choose Nilaqua® personal care, driven with Towel Off technology®. Simply apply the liquid directly to the area, massage to lift dirt and grease then remove by thoroughly towel drying! Leaving skin clean and odour free!

Nilaqua is easily available through high street stores and distributors.

If you are a nurse looking to purchase Nilaqua, please visit supply chain using codes:

MRA224 – 65ml Body Wash (great for infection control)

MRA261 – 200ml 4-6 washes average

MRA199 – 500ml Long term use

Antimicrobial Skin Cleansing:

MRB1087 – 70ml foamer

MRB1086 200ml foamer

MRB1085 500ml foamer

Home Transition Kit to release bed blocking –  MRB1206