Towel Off Nilaqua Hair Care

Nilaqua’s Towel Off™  shampoo is the perfect way to wash your hair without using water! Used frequently for washing bed bound patients in palliative care, after operations, and for aquaphobic sufferers of Alzheimer’s/ Dementia /Huntington’s.  Towel Off™ shampoo cuts nurses time by up to 70 percent, reduces manual handling risks and promotes patient well being. Simply leaving you with silky, soft, clean hair!


Towel Off Nilaqua Body Care

Nilaqua’s Towel Off™ skin cleanser has a kind and gentle formula that allows you to wash effectively without water. Leaving your skin clean and nourished.  Used frequently in the care market! Especially within care homes and hospitals. It improves hygiene levels and cuts nurses time in half. See how cost effective Nilaqua can be for your business.

Nilaqua Group-Pet-Shampoo

Towel Off Nilaqua Pet Care

Nilaqua Pet Shampoo is so kind and gentle it can be used on a variety of animals. Easily removing fox mess, mud, odours and incontinence. Nilaqua also makes a natural flea, tick and fly repellent shampoo that again does not require water or rinsing.

Nilaqua accessories

Nilaqua Accessories

As a specialist manufacturer we also work with companies to distribute products that compliment our range, as well as unique wash kits designed for your area of sales, i.e. care & camping