You have seen how wonderful our sanitising solutions are. So lets show you how durable and clean our dispensing units are…..

Dispenser:  Available in standard or child friendly branding. Manual Foam Dispenser, ideal for all washrooms with high traffic. Holds up to 1000ml and made from durable ABS plastic.


  • The “Slim Look” design
  • Glossy shiny surface
  • Recessed window for viewing soap levels
  • Permanent install with screw sets or adhesive for effortless installation


Refillable Cartridge: 0.8ml bulk refill bottle made from PE material for chemical resistance and durability. With screw cap opening on top for easy refill. Ideal to dispense the perfect amount of foaming hand sanitizer. Using this system eradicates the need to bin plastic pouches. Saving up to 5 x the amount of plastic!!


  • 1000ml capacity & eco friendly
  • Long lasting – made from PE material for chemical resistance
  • 0.8ml chemical volume per dispense

Using Nilaqua Refillable Dispensers is the best thing your organisation could do. Sanitising costs become minimal, waste becomes minimal. (costing from as little as £4.99 + VAT – less than 1p per pump).



Please note: Nilaqua does offer 800ml pouches, due to some organisation compliance. However the eco method is Waterless’ recommendation.