Waterless Limited understands that our success is due to the hard work and success of our distributors.  We work very closely supporting our distributors and in return they share our values and success. Satisfying the needs of customers worldwide!

UK B2B  is for businesses who distribute products to other businesses.

We currently have several UK distributors in the care and outdoor markets. If you think your business would be a good distributor for us in the UK please contact us by filling in the contact form and specify “b2b”.

On the other hand if you are a business interested in our products and would like to find out your nearest distributor, please give us a call and we will pass on your details to the relevant party.

Nilaqua, Pits & Bits and Zerreau is sold through many shops throughout the UK – such as:

Camping shops
Outdoor & festival shops
Sports & surf shops
Disability shops
Healthcare shops
Pet shops

If you would like to take advantage of our ever evolving range and become part of the successful, original future of washing, please fill in our contact form. We try to accommodate all types of shops by having great point of sale to and provide high resolution images and video’s for any eCommerce sites.

Alternatively if you are looking to find your nearest shop please give us a call on 01453 357337 and a member of our sales team will be able to tell you.

Waterless Limited’s Rinse free/ towel off personal care ranges have endless sales opportunities! Not only can you sell to a huge amount of sectors, but as a consumable you get plenty of repeat custom! You are also delivering a UK manufactured, high quality innovative range!

Key markets:

  • Sports and surfing
  • Camping, festivals & hiking
  • Elderly, disabled, hospital and palliative care
  • Travel industry – flights, trains & truckers
  • Pet Care


We have appointed distributors in Korea, South Africa and Belgium.
We export to France, Germany, Spain, Holland, Oman and Denmark.
We are currently looking for appointed distributors in Australia & South America.

If this is something of interest to you please contact us at sales@waterlessltd.co.uk and include your company details, country and why you want to sell Nilaqua / Pits & Bits / Zerreau.