Waterless Limited is UK manufacturer of Towel Off™ Personal Care Products.

These innovative and revolutionary new products allow people to wash effectively without using water and are ideal for bed bound patients, where washing is physically difficult or wherever water is in short supply! These superb ‘towel off’ ™ soaps and shampoos are the quick and easy alternative to traditional bathing. To use the range of rinse free products simply apply directly and generously to the skin or hair, massage to lift dirt and odours, then whilst wet and soapy remove by towel drying, leaving  you clean, fresh and odour free

Nilaqua Products

Health & Personal Care Products

Nilaqua waterless bathing products are designed to help anyone who has difficulty bathing.

Pits and Bits

Outdoor/Survivalist Washing Essentials

Pits & Bits rinse free bathing products are perfect when water is limited, especially abroad.


Luxury & Convience

Next generation of dry shampoo, effectively cleaning your luscious locks,  just foam on and towel dry.

Nilaqua, Pits & Bits and Zerreau are all registered trademarks of Waterless Limited